Opa...a man of wisdom

October 28, 2018

10/27/18- This being my very first blog page and post, I figured why not pick a subject or two that I know well..."Opa" and my wife Carin...

This past year we lost a very special person known to most of us as "Oma"...mother of Carin and Wife to my father-in-law "Opa" and of course my mother-in-law.

She was the kind of person that would be the voice of reason and have you look at things in a different perspective. Full of love and never a bad word to say about anyone. She will certainly never be forgotten. 

As "Opa" adjusts with everyday struggles of ups and downs. He has remarkably done well with adapting to a new way of life out in Maui. 

Fast forward to this past summer we managed to convince him to come visit us here in New Hampshire for an unlimited amount of time to just relax, re-set his mind and to be with loved ones for a while. 

He loved having his daily Bud Lite and "smoke" outside on the deck either in thought or in deep conversation about life or just a good laugh. Even spending days with loving neighbors or  past buddies/co-workers for lunch. He truly did love spending time here in New Hampshire. 

This was the medicine that he was in desperate need of without even realizing it until he finally got his feet here on the ground. 

After getting to know him better over the weeks , I thought to myself, he is going to be my next "client" in front of my lens. Turned out, he was a natural, not shy, did what I asked perfectly, and just had the character I was in search of. So the "small studio" was set...Click, Click, Click, and here are the results. 

I liked the black and white so much I had a 16x24 glossy metal print made that is now hanging proudly in the house. 

Thank you Opa for being the man you are and another voice of reason .

I will never forget our backyard conversations, your love, wisdom and compassion.    

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