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Carin...what can I say...Simply Amazing

October 30, 2018

Carin, my wife, my best friend, my biggest fan. She's everything Ive ever hoped for. Not only that but she's my "MacGyver"...If I can't fix it...she isn't shy to jump in and get the job done. (nine times out of ten...I can't fix it.)

We've been married 8 years this past June, 2018. She's a mother of two remarkable children (adults) Brian and Ariel. There's nothing she wouldn't do for either one of them or anyone else she truly loves and cares about.

Carin and I have known each other since our high school days, only  in passing in the halls or after school activities, life for both of us went in different directions for many years until we reconnected through Facebook. Started as friending each other with no expectations whatsoever. She was the brave one that asked if Id like to meet for coffee or a bite to eat. 

I gladly accepted her invite, but at the same time, very nervous,  because at that time I had gotten laid off and was still unemployed. So when one asks "what do you do for a living?" Its that moment when you stop and think to yourself...."here is the deal breaker"..."Im kind of unemployed"...<gulp> 

Well that didn't seem to phase her in the least bit, at that point on we had a connection. The rest is history...

Over the years she's been very supportive of my decisions and encouraged me to keep going with my life long desire to be a photographer. I can't thank her enough. 

So with all this said...I love you and thank you for being there for me through thick and thin. 


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