Papa Fritzsche - Glenn Fritzsche Photography

"Papa Fritzsche"

"Papa Fritzsche, Don, Donald, Pop, Dad, Ampy", all these names given to him by the people who know and love him. 

He is always surrounded by many friends and his wonderful wife Christine. 

If you look up "practical joker" you just might find his picture right next to it. He is a master of his craft when it comes to things that will make people laugh until they cry. 

He too is a lover of photography, gee I wonder where I get this from? 

He gave me his Argus range finder 35mm film camera many years ago and that is where the love of photography began for me, never knowing that someday Id have my own web site to display my photographs as I keep searching for that "ahh haa" photo opportunity. 

I'm proud to call this man my father, he has always been there for me over the years in time of joy and in time of need. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief story of the man I look up to and one that I love. 

I love you Pop! 

Love, "Bud"


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